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These are tumultuous times, and the winds of change sweeping across the planet continue to bring more volatility. Everything—yes, every area of life— is being ramped up so at times it can be difficult to manage it all: the energies, the events, the people. And yet, there is also a fecundity to it, offering multiple opportunities and support for creativity and personal transformation. It all depends on where we focus our attention as individuals.

The outer turbulence has also dredged up and exposed our collective shadow for all the world to see: all the deeply held fears, prejudices, judgments, resentments, and limiting beliefs that have led to corruption and abuse, sabotage and subjugation of humanity for millennia. These shadow aspects, when faced and healed, bring renewal. When denied and resisted, they perpetuate suffering. We can and must choose our response as part of a massive, multi-decade transformation of humanity.

Both as individuals and as a collective, it is time to ask ourselves, “How’s that working out for you? Are you living up to your highest potential?” We have big choices to make about who we are and want to be.

For those who do not yet understand the bigger picture, the tumult can result in existential terror as they fear the loss of old forms of security. When the shadow is exposed, former heroes are seen as having clay feet. We’re learning that our leaders and heroes can’t or won’t fix things, so bringing about meaningful change is up to each one of us.

This does not need to be a time of despair. Despite the external challenges we face, there are plenty of actions you can take to stay focused, balanced and at peace on your path.

Unplug and Let Go

Immersing oneself in media coverage as all the drama and distraction play out, is not helpful – it simply perpetuates the emotional roller coaster. Instead, we can exercise our autonomy by detaching and letting go of the collective brainwashing.

It is helpful to remember that all media outlets have their own agenda and bias. They know that sensationalism, catastrophizing and fearmongering pull in viewers and boost ratings. Their use of subliminal seduction creates media addicts who become hooked on the adrenaline rush. Anything that creates fear, pessimism, or despair is best turned off!

Replace these dense energies with better support so you can keep your mind at peace and stay centered in your heart. Creativity, connection with others, dancing, singing, laughing and finding joy in simple things serve us much better.  Continually choose love and inner harmony over fear; lean into compassion and kindness rather than judgment.

Cultivate Self-Awareness and Inner Peace

When the outer world is in chaos, the most important place to go is within. Find the calm center in the storm and return there often. Invest less emotional energy in external events outside your control and pay more attention to things you can help change for the better. Where can you offer forgiveness or support to others? Take actions that have an impact. Helping others feeds the soul and lifts our vibration.

We heal our world one person at a time, starting with ourselves. It requires emotional detachment and self-awareness to release our expectations and the illusion of control. As we do this work, we are letting go of what no longer serves so we can consciously work with the Universe and each other. Now is the time to release our inner resistance so we can embrace the gifts that change offers us.

Master Discernment

Discernment is an essential skill that each of us needs to master so we can align with truth and understand the deeper meaning of life.

When we lack discernment, we are vulnerable to false promises from fake messiahs. We may get lured into false promises of security, fanaticism or forms of self-destructive behavior.

Cultivating discernment enables us to recognize truth and to access optimal guidance. During this transitional time, artificial intelligence and sophisticated deep fakes make it more difficult to discern what is real. Likewise, dense emotions of fear, anger and anxiety can function as a type of psychic interference that makes it more difficult to access our inner truth.

It is also important to discern the true nature of people we interact with by paying attention to their actions, rather than their rhetoric. Give it the heart check: Is the person spreading kindness and unity or polarizing others by spreading anger and fear? Always choose love as your baseline and watch what others choose. This way, you will know how to respond without giving your power away.

Regardless of outer circumstance, there is profound support for every effort we make to go within and find answers and truth. We can use this support to do our own work of transformation so we can be empowered to support larger waves of transformation around the planet.

Live in Integrity

The energetic environment around us at this time asks us to return to integrity: living in a way that is whole and integrated, cohesive, and internally and externally consistent. It calls for us to purify our thoughts and actions, and to bring our lives into alignment with truth so that we can become resilient. Anything that is out of integrity—people, relationships, groups or organizations—will continue to break down to make space for higher levels of being to emerge.

Internal consistency is crucial during this process. It is very helpful to check and establish consistency within yourself: between your thoughts and emotions; your inner principles and your outer actions. If we claim to be spiritual and loving while hating those who don’t believe as we do, we are not in integrity. We cannot claim peace while bullying, criticizing or raging against others. These discrepancies in our values are not sustainable if we wish to evolve. The great growing-up of humanity at this time requires us to become more self-responsible, authentic and integrated in all aspects of our lives.

Life is What You Make It – Make it Full of Love

Remember that the past, the present and the future — all of life — is not about what happens to you, but what you make of it. Everything we need, and all the solutions we seek already lie within us.

You can make your life flow easier by always focusing on what you choose to happen, rather than what you fear might happen or don’t want. Your attention is a powerful laser of Creator energy, so be careful where you point it! Whatever you focus attention on, will grow.

Always remember that worry and guilt are useless energy drains. They don’t help create anything beneficial, because they add fuel to what you don’t want.

During this time, it is helpful to remember the admonition of the Hopi elders who told us to let go of expectations and the illusion of control. Surrender the old forms of security to which you still cling and embrace the unknown journey you’ve been resisting. Simply accept what is, and know that all is well in the Master plan. We’re all on this journey together, and it could turn out to be the most magnificent one ever!

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