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What Do You Do When The Body Won’t Heal?

When we ignore symptoms – the language of the body – we dismiss the body’s cries for balance. Over time, lack of balance can escalate to a growing sense of dis-ease in our lives and disease in our bodies.

Wholeness is what remains when we remove the blockages that obscure your perfection.

In each session, I combine life coaching with energy healing and pastoral counseling to identify and release blockages and raise consciousness. Likewise, my healing practice draws on transformational life coaching and pastoral counseling skills to offer clients comprehensive support that includes practical action steps for moving toward healthier habits.

Experience has taught me that there is no “one size fits all” answer in working with individuals. This integrated approach combines proven techniques into a customized, integrated treatment protocol to most effectively address your individual needs.

Clients often comment on how quickly and effectively I identify core issues. This is not only an academic skill – it is also the product of life experience and being attuned to energy patterns that are often difficult to express in words.

Healing Is A Personal Journey

Your personal journey toward health is unique because of your unique DNA, epigenetics and choices. Every symptom of imbalance in the body is anchored in place by a thought, emotion or belief with a specific vibrational imprint. When low vibrations accumulate, they result in disturbances that are observable in the emotional, mental or physical body.

If you have a headache, you may choose to pop a pill. However, the headache is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of the problem. And once the pain killer wears off, the pain may well return. So what to do? Energy healers are trained to identify and clear disturbances at the level of  their vibrational imprint. When these disturbances are cleared, all systems can return to homeostasis and well-being. I use energy healing modalities and other holistic therapies interchangeably to meet individual needs.

Fascinating research by Bruce Lipton, MD, has shown that conscious information is stored in the brain and consists of less than 10% of total information recall. The other 90% of that information is subconscious and is stored in the cellular membranes. For healing to be effective, the imprint of the energy disturbance needs to be cleared from all levels – body, mind and soul.

When we address root causes at the levels of body, mind and soul, we also empower you: you develop an understanding of how old habits or coping strategies contributed to the disturbance; you master more appropriate life skills and learn to make better choices; you experience personal growth; and you enjoy the benefits of living life more fully. Over the years, I’ve developed a keen eye for best practices to incorporate into my work. By tailoring the treatment approach to your unique needs, we enhance the effectiveness of each session.

My practice is based primarily on referrals from existing clients. Clients are also referred by chiropractors, psychologists, physicians, acupuncturists, naturopaths and other health professionals who understand the value of an integrated body-mind-soul approach to healing. These professionals recognize that when we address the underlying root causes, the body can heal. They have also witnessed first-hand the powerful impact of this holistic approach.


All pain and disease result from disruptions in energy flow caused by trauma, disease-causing agents, improper diet or lifestyle. Energy healing uses specific tools to clear such disruptions at their source, restoring flow.

Everything in the universe consists of energy. Many energy frequencies are nurturing and supportive. However, dissonant frequencies deplete your energy and block your life force until they are released.

When in a state of balance and health, form pulsates in and out of stillness and movement easily. It is a dynamic, ever-changing dance of energy that flows back and forth to ensure balance and harmony, seen in babies and children. Trauma causes states of either no movement or constant movement, both of which create imbalance. When we experience shock, trauma, fear or other emotions that are difficult to process at the time, the brain suppresses these emotions by storing them in the subconscious field of the cells. Over time, these lower vibrations accumulate until they cause cellular frequencies to slow down, eventually culminating in pain or disease.

If trauma registered deeply, the system cannot self-correct. When form ceases to move freely, it atrophies and eventually dies. On the other hand, if form never rests, it eventually burns out. This process takes place at all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The accumulation of collective pain, grief, fear and shame corresponds to what author Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body.

When left unaddressed, this unprocessed emotion can wreak havoc with your life and relationships by surfacing at the most unexpected times. You’ll act on repressed pain and fear from the past, instead of events of the present moment. These energy disturbances need to be cleared from every level of being – body, mind and soul – so that symptoms can clear up.

Energy healing such as energy kinesiology, biofeedback, theta level healing or Matrix Energetics goes to the core of the disturbance, gently stimulating stuck energy to move again while calming over-stimulated energy. Balance is restored because the system is once again able to move through the entire range of possibilities fluidly and easily.

This holistic body-mind-soul approach dovetails beautifully with other modalities because it supports your body’s innate tendency to return to homeostasis or balance. It complements the work you may already be doing with your physician, naturopath, chiropractor, psychiatrist, psychologist or acupuncturist.

Are you tired of being told what’s wrong with you? Do you feel guilt, shame or blame for what is happening to your body? Are you yearning for some hope?

Hope is alive – even in the midst of major health crises – but when we are afraid, we cannot cling to hope. I want you to know that as long as there is life, there is hope: for understanding, forgiveness, and growth, so we can create a future that’s brighter than the challenges we face today.

Returning to wholeness looks different for every person because of many factors involved: how long you’ve been struggling with the issue, how much compromise is involved, how vested you are in dreaded or desired outcomes, how willing you are to do the work, and more.

By the time you look for support, you want practical results as soon as possible. I accept that. When people ask me how long it will take, I explain it this way: Imagine being a prisoner who’d been locked up for a very long time, perhaps most of your life. Finally, you are told that you will be released in five or six hours. Would you be willing to wait a few hours longer to get your life back or will you give up, thinking that it is too little, too late?

Every limiting belief, trauma imprint or unresolved conflict you carry with you, imprisons you. It shuts off your life force energy, stymies your creativity and robs you of joy.

My commitment is to help address your challenges in the most immediate and pragmatic way. Instead of judgment, we will explore forgiveness; instead of blame, we will use curiosity; and instead of fear, we will embrace love.

Do you love yourself enough to invest five or six hours of your life to reclaim your freedom? I have seen so many miraculous changes in people’s lives after only five or six sessions that I’d like to challenge you:

If you’re ready to reclaim your personal freedom and well-being, then make that commitment to yourself and take the first step to freedom – contact me to schedule a session.

Based on my experience with thousands of individuals and issues, I know that if you are willing to do the work, your life can change in five or six sessions!

I commit to focusing on the core issues to help you reclaim your personal freedom, health and power. Together, we will explore and release the core issues, navigate important lifestyle changes and tap into your body’s potential to heal. Perhaps even more importantly, I will teach you practical ways to empower yourself so you can stay the course.

The benefits of this work extend well beyond physical healing. While relief from physical pain and symptoms is important, the gain in personal development and self-empowerment is priceless.

What Clients Say:

“Ada’s experience and expertise in holistic cancer healing contributed to my surviving and thriving advanced breast cancer. She referred me to a naturopath and was pivotal in pulling all of the needed modalities together. These modalities supported the healthy tissues in my body while sending the diseased tissue onto their next phase of evolution – outside of my body.


“We integrated energy work with allopathic chemotherapy.

I loved this peaceful approach without all of the war metaphors! I especially value Ada’s skill in supporting me to address core emotional issues to facilitate my healing. I am so grateful!”

Jenny B.

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