I help people navigate past challenges to fulfill their true potential.

Here’s how I came to this path of service.

I Believe That Crisis Offers Opportunities

I help people move past all forms of limitation to access their innate truth and power, reclaiming their highest expression of being. It is a form of healing that strives to reveal the innate potential and majesty of every individual.

My eclectic life experience taught me the value of looking for opportunities amid the very chaos of change. It also added depth of knowledge and compassion to my service, which is devoted to raising the consciousness of our planet, one life at a time.

Our Experiences Often Shape Our Destiny

I am no exception. My life work evolved from the experience of growing up in South Africa during the apartheid era; a troubled time that instilled a deep desire in me to bring healing and reconciliation to people everywhere.

After leaving South Africa in the 1970s, I lived primarily in the Middle East and the United States, where I owned a successful marketing and advertising company and held senior management positions with several international companies.

The dynamic environment of international business strengthened the skills needed to reach across cultures and build relationships with people from diverse walks of life. I became intrigued by the way people respond to life: how some individuals are able to stay resilient despite life’s obstacles while others are dragged down by the undertow. This led to a master’s thesis on the correlation between human and organizational development, and methodologies to support the process of on-going personal development.

A personal health crisis led me to explore alternative healing for answers. I sourced best practices from several alternative healing modalities into a holistic alternative that ultimately restored vitality and added a wonderful new dimension to my life in the process.

Over the ensuing years, I researched, studied and integrated best practices from various cutting-edge holistic therapies and energy healing modalities to help others, and the results were amazing: so much so, that I eventually walked away from a lucrative business career to dedicate myself to this fully.

 My Credentials

My academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Management with an emphasis on organizational and individual development. I earned my credentials in Behavioral Kinesiology & Touch for Health from the International Kinesiology College in Zurich, Switzerland.

My healing credentials include certification as an Energy Healing Instructor/Practitioner and a Transformational Life Coach with extensive international teaching and clinical experience. I am also certified as a practitioner in Touch For Health, Matrix Energetics, Crystology, Mari-El Healing, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and several other modalities. Some of my more eclectic credentials include the honor of being recognized as a Master Shaman by indigenous elders after completing rigorous training and initiations in that field.

Additional certifications include ordination as a non-denominational minister with the Universal Life Church. I continue to log many continuing education hours each year in the areas of Professional Kinesiology Practice, Counseling, Holistic Health, Functional Medicine, Herbal Healing, Behavioral Kinesiology and Energy Healing.

These skills have been augmented by extensive international teaching and clinical experience. I integrate body-mind-soul healing techniques and transformational life coaching skills to support personal development and growth for clients. Over the years, I have helped thousands of clients get unstuck and move forward with confidence.

When not with clients, you can usually find me gardening or spending time outdoors in Nature’s bounty.


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