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At any time, you are free to leave this experience called suffering. You already have a Get Out Of Jail pass.

The key that unlocks the door to freedom is found by learning how to surrender to Source. And true surrender means you let go: you release all your limiting beliefs, judgments and ideas about who you think you are. And then, you release your attachment to those limitations so you can move beyond them.

Surrender is often misinterpreted as weakness, capitulation or quitting – but it comes from inner strength, knowing you are more than the limitations you face. You can move through any stuck, painful or limiting feeling by dropping into a state of pure surrender.

At any given moment in time, you are either choosing the path of ego or the path of surrender.  When you choose surrender, you open the doorway to a deep connective experience within your being. You are finding alignment to Source. This is the way of flow, a profound state of being that is always available, yet requires the release of resistance and attachment.

When you surrender, you’re set free to enter a profound state of inner peace where you can fully experience the essence of Divinity at your core. You’re able to align with and act from this Source of wisdom within.

Yes!  Surrender allows you to relax about everything. It allows you to remember that everything you seek, is somehow already, always deep within you. Truth is within, peace is within, and so are the solutions you seek.

Maintaining this state of true alignment takes vigilance. Whenever you notice the mind latching on to some thought, just let it go. Thinking is simply what the mind does, and it has no power over your inner peace unless you allow yourself to engage with it. Instead, visualize your consciousness as the expansive sky, and let the temporary clouds of thought and worry simply move through your field, dissipating as they go. You are not your thoughts; you are that which is aware of them. As you learn to make this important distinction, it becomes easier to flow with the Source of all possibilities instead of getting stuck in ego thoughts.

Surrendering attachment to the relentless mental chatter offers incredible inner freedom. Imagine not having to worry endlessly about what might happen, what could unfold, or how things could go wrong. Think how free you would be if you did not feel the need to control everything in your life! Imagine even letting go of the endless craving thoughts of “If only…” or “If I could just…” These mindless thought loops serve no purpose other than serving the ego.

Instead of feeding the ego’s need for self-importance, you can choose to simply surrender everything to Source. Let the Creator energy handle the details for you. Accept that this very moment of life, no matter how good or how bad, is exactly as it is meant to be.

When you drop your attachments, resistance and beliefs about how things “should” be, and simply accept what is, you find inner peace. Instead of spending your energy in futile mental chatter to fight what shows up in your life, you can ask more helpful questions: “How could this be helpful to my journey as a soul,” or “What do I need to learn from this?”

That will turbocharge your journey of personal growth! And it is a simple process everyone can master.

Have you been conditioned to think it takes years of struggle, emotional pain and personal suffering to break free? That, too, is a limiting belief. It will be as difficult and take as long as you believe it to! What if your life is meant to be much easier and simpler than you’ve made it out to be? You can change any negative or limiting attitude around completely in a few minutes by deeply surrendering.

As the Sedona Method teaches: Embrace that which you resist, and surrender that to which you cling. It really is that simple, and yet it requires a heart-based desire for freedom, not simply wishful thinking. Surrender to Source that to which you cling: all limitation, victim consciousness, resentment, judgment, ego justification, and doubt; then simply ask for Higher truth to be revealed so you can align with that.

When your heart’s desire is to be aligned with Source, you will be guided from within by the highest intelligence, love and power. The more you become aware of and align to this benevolent Source, the more it will reveal to you the divine Presence inherent in all of life and guide you to greater inner freedom. What joy! What peace! Regardless of outer circumstances!

Every time you surrender to Source a little more, you create space for more Presence in your life. That Presence is joyful, peaceful, abundant and harmonious. You can breathe it in and relax. As twelve-step groups put it: “Let go and let God.” You can relax into the assurance that whatever it is you are seeking, is already, always within you. The Presence of Source is always here, and letting go of old conditioning allows you to experience that loving Presence more fully.

Fighting and warring are limiting concepts of duality consciousness. You never have to fight your way through life. The opportunity is always here for you to surrender to Source and flow with unfolding potentialities around you. You can give up the inner battle of resistance and surrender your problems or hardened positions to Source.  Remember, these situations are really opportunities in disguise, inviting you to let your ego dissolve into the Presence of Source.

There’s no rule that says you must continue suffering, holding onto the same old issues another day. Right now, there’s a new awareness arising inside you. It is the awareness of a higher Presence, and it becomes even more powerful when you surrender to its loving embrace!

You can explore a different kind of life beyond the endless conditions of “have to,” “need to,” and “should” that you’ve been drowning in. Truth is, you are an infinite ocean of consciousness, an immortal soul who knows no boundary or limitation. Surrender to that higher understanding so you can enjoy the journey home to Oneness.

How will you know when you’re truly free from the tyranny of your ego-controlled mind? Everything you take on will feel as light as a feather.  Every challenging situation or person will offer you an exciting opportunity to become a more loving, compassionate and enlightened being. You will no longer nurse your grudges or seek ego justification from outside sources. Each time you are challenged, you’ll further open the doorway of your heart to love, inner peace, abundance and freedom.

The moment you surrender to the benevolent Source of all life, you’ll experience a lighter state of consciousness. The invitation is open right now, in this and each present moment. You can be liberated from the painful dramas of the mind to experience joy and healing. You can choose freedom!

Your life is a sacred gift, offering you the opportunity to awaken, grow and transform into an ever-truer reflection of Source. The potential already exists within you: choose freedom through surrender and you will find the answers to all life’s gnarly problems. The power is within you, so you can choose inner freedom now!

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