Change happens, right! How are you doing?

I use an integrated approach and holistic therapies to help clients navigate life transitions and change so they can live their best lives.

Life Transitions

As humans, we don’t like change because it upsets our equilibrium. I can help you navigate change with confidence instead of fear.

Health Challenges

When we drill down and release root causes – emotional trauma, frozen emotions, unresolved patterns and fragmentation stored in the cellular memory–the body can return to wholeness.

Personal Growth

You are an infinite soul, who embarked on this life to grow and evolve. I support the unfolding of your spiritual life in a safe space, free from religious dogma.

Why Can’t You Fix Things On Your Own?

You may be great at helping others solve their problems, yet you don’t even know where to begin on your own. Perhaps you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Or you feel as if you’ve tried everything already and nothing helped.

Why can’t you do this on your own?

Because you can’t always think your way through life’s challenges. What’s required is a non-linear process. And that is what I do best.

I use an integrated approach and holistic therapies to help clients navigate life transitions and change so they can live their best lives. This holistic approach get results fast so clients can move on with their lives.

We’ll address issues from a level of awareness that’s higher than where the issue was created. We’ll also take a holistic, integrative approach, from where we can find and resolve root causes.

That’s how empowered change, healing and personal growth happens. I will offer you insights and tools from my extensive toolbox of training and experience to support and empower you.

If you are reading this, I believe that you are here for a reason. I also know that I can most probably help you.

what clients say

“I have been a client of Ada’s for about 10 years. Ada is an energy healer of the highest order and she takes her role seriously. I can readily attest to Ada’s concerned, caring, and non-judgmental attitude toward me and other clients. Each session with Ada is a step into a multi-dimensional healing space. Release, healing, and transformation are the order of the day. Ada connects with you like no other healer. Symptoms are addressed on multiple levels and I have always experienced instant relief. Underlying causes of physical and emotional obstacles become exposed in indisputable ways. Ada’s work provides the keys to illuminating and unlocking the mind-body connection and to discovering limiting patterns and releasing them. Powerful medicine and highly recommended to get the flow going again!”

Richard P, Phoenix, AZ

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