Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) supportS positive life changes, enhanceS health, and raiseS one’s level of consciousness

 FLFE’s mission is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness through the creation of environments with high-conscious fields. These fields provide a sanctuary that are helpful for our personal growth and increased health while we remain highly functional in our everyday work life.

FLFE is designed to clear the negative energetic history from homes and properties to help you get a fresh start everyday, free of any negative influence. The high-vibration, high-conscious every field supports a positive environment, helps uplift personal energy, and increases the potential for positive relationships. 

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My Personal Story of the FREE Trial

It was late at night and I felt depleted after a 12-hour day of energy work and consulting.

Within minutes of signing up, I felt this gentle wave of energy flooding the office, wrapping around me and returning me to the level of consciousness from where I worked all day long.

I felt so loved and supported. All the feelings of exhaustion left! I was amazed.

In the following months, I noticed many subtle changes in my environment. Despite a drought that left most gardeners frustrated, my tomato plants grew into trees that I had to lop off by a foot or more each week. The jalapeno plants in the greenhouse reached the ceiling!

Wildlife came to visit my property and I noticed several injured animals spending time on the land to absorb Life-Force Energy and heal before moving on. 

One of my friends, gifted with the ability to see energy, came for a visit and sat in her car, stunned by the halo of light she saw over the property and just wanting to drink it in, not knowing that it was the presence of Focused Life-Force Energy.

New business opportunities started presenting, and I found myself able to do even more than before, without reaching exhaustion. This was truly something remarkable! 

In February 2019, I was in a head-on collision and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injuries and trauma from the accident required a long and in-depth healing process.

FLFE’s Brain Optimization Program offered tremendous support throughout. It felt like a personal support system for my recovery!

No matter how difficult the subsequent healing journey, I’ve been continuously aware of a beautiful undercurrent of indescribable peace surrounding me. I am filled with gratitude for the privilege of recovering enough to experience the gift of being alive once more.

The healing journey is not a straight line, and some days are better than others. As my rehabilitation progressed from physical and mechanical components to addressing the mental and emotional trauma, I’ve been reminded once again that none of us are exempt from challenges. As the Buddha said, pain and difficulties visit all of us in life, challenging our willingness to respond appropriately.

 I am profoundly grateful for the healing field of FLFE in my life to support the continued unfolding of my personal healing, purpose, and potential with infinite grace.

I invite you to try a no-obligation 15-Day Free Trial and experience it for yourself.”



You can start your 15 -Day free trial with no obligation or commitment by clicking on the link below.

The FLFE service activates a high-consciousness field around a property or object such as a cell phone. In conjunction with written programs, or positive declarative statements, the FLFE device directs life-force energy to a specified location or object.

Programs include support for health, rising in consciousness, the Brain Optimization Program, and more — including the Electro-Magnetic Field Mitigation Program.

Understanding Levels of Consciousness

Dr. David Hawkins wrote about levels of consciousness in his ground-breaking work Power vs. Force. In this book, he explains that everything has a level of consciousness measurable on a scale of 0 – 1000.

Negativity in all its forms including apathy, shame, guilt, anger, fear, and pride fall below 200, while positivity such as courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, peace, and enlightenment start at 200 and move toward 1,000.

The typical level of consciousness of a sacred site might range from 550 to 650. These are levels of love, joy, peace, and transcendence.

FLFE’s services are guaranteed to reach a level of consciousness of 560 on the Hawkins Map at least 98% of the time.

FLFE services are designed to create a consistent high-consciousness environment to thrive in. This field can be activated and focused on a property, business, or object such as a cell phone.

Each subscription contains programs to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness.

Whether you’ve been to a sacred site or can recall moments of love for a partner, a newborn baby, a family member — or even the joy of a cat purring on your lap or your dog licking your face — you’ve had experiences of levels of consciousness that are OVER 500.


Experience higher levels of consciousness simply by activating your 15-Day Free Trial!

Electro-Magnetic Field Mitigation

All FLFE subscriptions include our EMF Mitigation Program, which reduces the consciousness-lowering effects of EMFs.

It works by raising the level of consciousness of a device emitting consciousness-lowering EMFs. This results in the EMFs emitted in an environment going from being consciousness-lowering to neutral or consciousness-increasing.

The program also uses the energetic signature of the mineral shungite to harmonize, neutralize, deflect, and dissipate consciousness-lowering EMFs.

The EMF Mitigation program reduces 99% or more of all consciousness-lowering EMFs in an environment.

You can start your 15 -Day free trial with no obligation or commitment by clicking on the link below.

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