You Can Get Past Your Challenges. I Can Help.

I use an integrated approach and holistic therapies to help clients navigate life transitions and change so they can live their best lives.

Navigating The Turbulence of Change

You may have experienced the shock of sudden change: getting laid off or receiving a dire health diagnosis. Or perhaps your relationship has been slowly drying up, leaving you emotionally drained and stranded without even knowing what went wrong.

Perhaps you’re past the initial shock of realizing that life doesn’t come with warranties. It simply happens. You have a vague sense that something needs to change, that the old ways of coping no longer work, yet you have no clue where to start.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to get unstuck, only to find that when one area releases, another gets bogged down. You’re tired and confused.

If you are reading this, I believe that you are here for a reason. I also know that I can most probably help you.


…because change happens! Too much change, too fast, tends to overwhelm us. As humans, we don’t like change because it upsets our equilibrium.

And yet life is always, continuously changing. If we don’t change, we stagnate and die.

Health Challenges

What Do You Do When The Body Won’t Heal?

In Western society, we are trained to live in our minds; to practice mind over matter. We set our minds on a goal and then expect the body to comply.

Well, what do you do when it doesn’t? Do you know why the body does not comply? More importantly, do you know what your symptoms are trying to tell you?

Personal Growth

You are not your body.

You are a spiritual being who lives in a physical body.

By learning how to listen to the messages of your body and calm your thoughts, you can connect your soul’s magnificent wisdom.

You can learn to conduct the miraculous symphony of your life with harmony and flow.

Getting Results

By the time you look for support, you want practical results as soon as possible. I accept that.

I’ve seen miracles happen in the first session; I have also seen clients go through the motions for months before giving themselves permission to let go of their pain.

There’s no single definition of personal development, growth and healing, just as there are no two people who are alike. You’re unique and your journey of healing and personal development will be unique to you.

Some people like to be pushed. Others prefer to go at a slower pace.

Some people ask for support to achieve specific goals. Others want to reconnect to the deeper meaning of life or reclaim their soul’s inspiration.

My commitment is to help address your challenges in the most immediate and pragmatic way.

I offer you a safe and confidential space where you can look at the areas of your life that need to change. In the process, I focus on your inner potential and apply effective techniques to help you remove all obstacles to the emergence of your potential.

When people ask me how long it will take, I explain it this way:
Imagine being a prisoner who’d been locked up for a very long time, perhaps most of your life. Finally, you are told that you will be released in five or six hours. Would you be willing to wait a few hours longer to get your life back or will you give up, thinking that it is too little, too late?

Every limiting belief, trauma imprint or unresolved conflict you carry with you, imprisons you. It shuts off your life force energy, stymies your creativity and robs you of joy.

Do you value yourself enough to invest five or six hours of your life to reclaim your freedom?

I have seen so many miraculous changes in people’s lives after only five or six sessions that I’d like to challenge you:
If you are ready to reclaim your personal freedom and well-being, then make that commitment to yourself and take the first step to freedom – contact me to schedule a session.

Based on my experience with many individuals and issues, I know that if you are willing to do the work, your life can change in five or six sessions!

I commit to focusing on the core issues to help you reclaim your personal freedom and power. I’ll help you move through challenges and transitions by teaching you practical ways to empower yourself. The result is physical well-being, emotional freedom, mental clarity, spiritual empowerment and abundant living.

I Help Clients With A Range of Concerns

Some people know exactly what they want to work on. Others only have a vague sense that something is wrong.

Whatever the issue that prompts you to take action, we will start from there. We will use it as a springboard to drill down, identify and release the core disturbances at levels of body, mind and soul. In other words, we’ll use an integrated approach to naturally restore healing of body, mind and soul. Every session offers you insights and tools to navigate toward more wholeness and self-empowerment at every level. Here are some of the reasons people give for choosing to work with me:

Address major life challenges

Align with your core values

Allergy desensitization

Become fearless

Heal from physical and emotional setbacks

Build self-esteem and self-confidence

Clarify personal and professional goals

Connect with your Higher Power

Create a more balanced and fulfilling life

Cultivate healthy relationships

Define healthy boundaries

Develop more resilience

Eliminate toxic self-talk or relationships

Emotional, mental and spiritual healing

Energy balancing

Enhance personal and professional relationships

Explore spirituality

Find inner peace

Find or renew your life purpose

Freedom from depression

Get a professional reality check

Integrate spirituality into daily life

Learn how to deal with stress

Learn how to meditate

Live more consciously

Make empowering lifestyle changes

Make optimal life decisions

Navigate major life transitions

Overcome addiction or self-destructive habits

Pain management

Process grief, crises and other challenges

Reconnect to your spiritual core

Recover from major illness

Release fear, phobias, anxiety, or anger

Release limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

Restore clarity and focus

Stress management

Trauma release and EMDR

That’s quite a list, right?

As you can see, making a fresh start does not have to be complicated. We simply start from where you are now and support you to where you want to go!

Please note that I am not a licensed medical professional and the services of this practice do not replace the services of any licensed medical professional. The processes employed in this practice promote self-awareness and personal growth while empowering each person to take an active role in healing themselves. These processes are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or claim cures. You are advised to seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner for any known medical condition.

Want To Pay It Forward?

Have you been blessed and wish to pay it forward so others can experience the same?

From time to time, clients express a desire to donate funds to help cover the cost of the pro bono work I do. If you wish to pay it forward to help someone in need, you can do so in Venmo, where my handle is @Ada-Porat.Together, we can make a difference in the world!