The Science of Miracles: How You Can Tap Into The Healing Power of Higher Consciousness Now

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I am often asked how energy healing and distance healing work. To the outside observer, the results may appear magical or even woo-woo, and some are afraid of it.

My response is that energy healing and distance healing are spiritual technologies that operate in the quantum field. They help us harness higher consciousness to evolve and to return to our soul blueprint – both as individuals and as a collective.

To explain, allow me to geek out a bit and explain how these phenomena work. All energy healing and distance healing are what is known in quantum physics as non-local events, and they operate on sound quantum physics principles.

Well-known physicist Nick Herbert enumerated three primary characteristics of non-local events:

  1. They are unmediated, meaning you do not necessarily need a transmission field for a non-local event to occur. It occurs even in the absence of an identifiable field.
  2. Non-local events are unmitigated, meaning their strength does not dwindle because of distance or time; and
  3. Non-local events are immediate and sometimes even anachronistic, meaning they can happen before they happen.

On many occasions, I have found that clients have begun to feel their energies shifting as soon as they schedule an appointment and even before the actual session. Once the intention has been set and action taken by scheduling a session, the energies in the Field already start responding to that set intention!

In addition, time and space are irrelevant to the distance healing process. If I am on Mountain Standard Time in Arizona and my client is in Budapest, I am seven hours in my client’s past timeline, while they are 7 hours into my future, yet we are connected in the Field which transcends linear time/space. Results are unaffected by the distance in time and space, which is what one would expect when working with torsion energy capable of moving faster than observable light.

In fact, quantum non-locality is a principal characteristic of distance healing and energy healing applications which use wave genetics. A Russian research team led by molecular biologist Peter P. Gariaev found that DNA can cause “disturbance patterns” in space, generating small electromagnetic wormholes of a subquantum nature. These microscopic, DNA-activated wormholes bend light to non-local energy signatures in ways similar to those found in the vicinity of black holes, including the Galactic Center. These DNA-activated wormholes are connections between different areas in the multiverse through which data such as sound and light codes can be transmitted outside the space-time continuum to assist human evolution.

Distance healing is reasonably accounted for as a meta-genetic phenomenon. Healing can be performed from a distance using elements such as wave form (voice) and intention (consciousness). This is in alignment with Dr. Larry Dossey’s concept of Era III medicine and non-localized mind, and is further confirmed by the theories and applications of wave-genetics.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory posits a similar transpersonal morphogenetic network. Dr. Sheldrake’s concept of “formative causation” emphasizes the existence of morphic fields that unite entire species universally outside space-time. According to Sheldrake’s research, these omnipresent resonance fields can be expressed biologically if correctly tuned into, even if a species is extinct.

We see evidence of this phenomenon in the metamorphosis of caterpillars in the chrysalis. It is a little-known but important fact that caterpillars completely dissolve into a soup of amino acids before reassembling into butterflies. This soup contains no recognizable cells or DNA as it is understood presently, yet when the time is right, the torsion life-wave signals the DNA to recombine and, within a matter of days, cells emerge to create new life-forms!

In addition, evolving life on our planet also benefits from the larger context of Galactic cycles and change. Our solar system periodically orbits into Galactic regions characterized by greater density of torsion waves (fields of greater light or consciousness) and we are currently in such a period where Earth is entering the Galactic current sheet. The Galactic current sheet is an electric field that ripples out from the center of the Milky Way and Earth moves through this sheet roughly every 12,000 years, taking hundreds of years to pass through each time. During such periods, both planet Earth and all life forms on her are intelligently stimulated to evolve in spectacular ways – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This process has profound implications for life on the planet. We can expect to see an uptick in consciousness, intuition, telepathy, and many other manifestations of higher consciousness during this transition. We are already seeing this manifest in energy healing and distance healing.

Evolving human consciousness, not man-made technology, is the key to true healing and evolution. The more developed an individual healer’s level of consciousness, the less need there is for a mechanical crutch. The power of transformation lies in consciousness, not in technology.

While technology has its place and value, relying exclusively on something outside ourselves to heal us or make us “whole,” is at best giving away our power, and at worst worshiping a false Source. The power to heal and transform is in each one of us, and it is awakening in humans around the planet.

How do we access this energy? Through evolving in consciousness as individuals and as a species. Both the crisis and the opportunity of our time is to surrender the stronghold of ego over our lives, along with its limiting fear mechanisms. We are called to embody the primary torsion energy of unconditional love that is seeking to evolve us into higher consciousness.

Our true nature is a state of awareness that transcends duality and consciously exists in a multidimensional continuum. Author Barbara Hand Clow has often said that, in the final analysis, all dilemmas are perceptual—which implies that all solutions are perceptual as well. Author Wayne Dyer put it this way: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.”

Energy healing, including distance healing, serves as a meta-genetic transfer of consciousness manifesting as torsion waves that stimulate molecular rearrangement of potentiality. In turn, shifting potentiality activates DNA and shifts bioenergy fields, which then modify metabolic and replication functions in cells, facilitating healing. I know that is a mouthful but it will sound like music to the ears of science geeks!

Daniel Pinchbeck captured this process beautifully when he reminded us in his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl: “Soon there will be a great change to your world … You have just a few years yet remaining to prepare the vehicle for your Higher self. Use them preciously … Consciousness is technology—the only technology that exists … The current transition is … a return to origin. The original matrix of this new world reality is the ecstatic limitlessness of your own being.”

Indeed, consciousness is the spiritual technology for evolution of all life forms.

We are living in transformative times and we can activate this pure creative potential by cultivating the stillness within. By silencing the endless flow of mind and emotions, we can tap into the larger field of collective consciousness. On a species level, it is embodying Christ or unity consciousness that brings about change in the collective and facilitates our innate potential to use telepathy and hyper-communication.

This ability to seamlessly communicate and interact across time and space throughout a species has been used successfully in the animal kingdom for millions of years.

When a queen ant is taken from her colony, for example, construction continues unaffected. If the queen dies, however, all work stops. The queen continues to transmit the construction blueprint for her colony via the collective consciousness of her species and can do so across great distances, as long as she is alive.

Humans chose to abandon such hyper-communication abilities almost completely in order to experience individuality. And yet, during this time of awakening to higher consciousness, we are called to transcend self-centered behavior rooted in survival fears and to return to a more unified, heart-based way of living.

Just as the queen ant transmits the construction blueprint for her colony through time and space, this heart-based orientation restores the individual ability for members of homo sapiens to access and realign to their soul blueprint from Spirit.

As we further develop this heart-based way of life in the coming years, our evolving consciousness, telepathy, energy healing, and distance healing will become tools for growth and empowerment. These technologies of higher consciousness open the way for more and more people to access the construction blueprint for our species as a collective, and offer healing and transformation to the entire human collective.

Which Probiotics Do You Need?

Your gut is home to over 500 bacterial species. Some of these internal guests are known as friendly flora because they facilitate digestion, provide nutrients, and help form the immune system. Harmful or excessive levels of other bacteria are associated with gaining weight, bloating and immune dysfunction. Probiotics maintain balance between these good guys and bad guys.

Healthy bacteria make some important nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin K, folate, and some short-chain fatty acids. Up to 10% of your daily energy needs can be derived from by-products of these friendly gut bacteria.

For optimal health, maintaining balance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria is important, and that is where probiotics comes in. Probiotics help maintain balance between the friendly and harmful bacteria to ensure multiple benefits for your immune system. When probiotics are abundant in your body, it’s harder for disease-causing bacteria to flourish. Some probiotics strains also make bacteriocins to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.

When it comes to probiotics, more is not necessarily better. Instead, you may do better to handpick a few specific strains of probiotics to meet your individual health needs, rather than randomly taking a high-potency, full-spectrum formula that may aggravate symptoms.

Here is a basic overview of four strains of probiotics, including some key members of each and how they could help you address specific health issues. While not exhaustive, this will serve as a starting point for your next probiotics shopping trip:

1.    Lactobacillus

is a term for a family of friendly bacteria that normally live in the digestive, urinary, and genital systems without causing disease. Lactobacillus is also found in some fermented foods like yogurt and in dietary supplements. Members of this family of bacteria are used to treating and preventing diarrhea, including infectious types and diarrhea associated with using antibiotics. Here are a few specific members of the Lactobacillus family you want to look for when treating specific conditions:

•    Lactobacillus acidophilus produces vitamin K, lactase, and anti-microbial substances such as acidolin, acidophilin, lactocidin, and bacteriocin. It helps reverse constipation, especially when taken with fiber and extra water. Lactobacillus acidophilus may also be helpful to reduce cholesterol levels.
•    Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei both convert lactose into lactic acid – helping the lactose intolerant. They boost immunity in the small intestine by producing bacteriocins.
•    Lactobacillus bulgaricus can be found in many yogurts and soft cheeses. It helps to convert lactose and other sugars into lactic acid, which may be particularly helpful for the lactose intolerant. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels, breaks down complex proteins for easy assimilation, and alleviates acid reflux.
•    Lactobacillus gasseri has been shown to reduce belly fat, relieve irritable bowel syndrome, restore microflora balance, reduce various types of diarrhea, optimize natural immune function; protect against the flu virus and prevent colonisation of Helicobacter pylori.
•    Lactobacillus helveticus improves arterial stiffness, supports bone mineral density and increases calcium absorption in postmenopausal women.
•    Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the best probiotics for IBS symptoms by reducing the frequency and intensity of abdominal pain and bloating. It has also been shown to help normalize bowel movements in IBS patients.
•    Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium infantis and Saccharomyces boulardii taken together are the strains of choice for IBS and bloating.
•    Lactobaccillus rhamnosus has been shown to assist weight loss. It also prevents eczema, treats diarrhea, relieves abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel, and decreases upper respiratory tract infections.

2.    Bifidobacteria

is a family of bacteria that has been studied for their ability to prevent and treat various gastrointestinal disorders, including infections, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. In addition to making lactic acid, they also make important short-chain fatty acids to be absorbed by the body. There is even evidence that certain bifidobacteria may actually protect the host from carcinogenic activity of other intestinal flora. Here are a few of the most common strains:

•    Bifidobacterium infantis is particularly helpful for diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, urgency and abdominal discomfort.
•    Bifidobacterium lactis speeds up the frequency of bowel movements as effectively as fiber, simultaneously improving symptoms of constipation, irregular bowel movements, and flatulence.
•    Bifidobacterium longum and other lactic acid producing bacteria help support immune system function and are the probiotics of choice to restore internal balance after a course of antibiotics.

3.    Streptococcus

is the name of a genus of Gram-positive, non-sporulating, chain-forming, lactic-acid bacteria. They can be harmful such as the strains of streptococcus that cause pneumonia or strep throat, but not all streptococci are bad for you. Some of the beneficial streptococci used in probiotics are Streptococcus thermophilus and Streptococcus salivarius.

•    Streptococcus salivarius colonizes in the mouth and upper respiratory system, and is excellent for combating bad breath (halitosis).
•    Streptococcus thermophilus is found in yogurt and cheese, and assists Lactobacillus bulgaricus by making growth nutrients.

4.    Saccharomyces

is the kind of yeast you want in order to be healthy. These yeast species lack the ability to penetrate into tissues like Candida species can, so they are not invasive. They are unaffected by antibiotics and do not acquire antibiotic-resistant genes – in short, they are very different from the harmful types of yeast that cause vaginal yeast infections, athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm or thrush.

•    Saccharomyces boulardii can help to keep disease-causing microbes and yeasts such as candida from overwhelming your body when antibiotics kill off most of the good bacteria.

Shopping for a Probiotic

When it comes to probiotics, more is not always better! Look for a product that contains the specific strains needed for your condition instead of a product that promises to contain all probiotics known to man, and which may cause you more intestinal discomfort. These little guys are living things and die off over time, so look for freshness as indicated by the expiration date. Whatever the source, always look for “live and active cultures” on the label.

Start Out Slowly

In order to reap the full benefits of taking probiotics, some experts recommend taking probiotics for a minimum of two weeks at a time. In the short-term, adding probiotics to your diet may cause gas, flatulence, belching and bloating. Start with small doses of probiotics and gradually increase the amount you take – start with one capsule of probiotic a day for the first week and add one more the following week to prevent excessive bloating and side effects. And as always, consult with your medical team on any known health condition so you won’t fly blind. Here’s to your gut health!

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