You have the power for success in you. Yes, you have the power in you to change your life! Every day, there are people all around this country and the globe beyond who are living their dreams. Families are experiencing harmonious relationships. People are becoming healthier. Life-long learners are growing intellectually and improving their chances for success. And this power for success is in you, too.

Living the life of your dreams is indeed possible. People prove that every day. Right now, someone somewhere is healing their relationships, improving their health and fulfilling their potential.

Why not you? You have the power for success in you. Yes, you have the power to change your life!

Have you ever wanted to do more fulfilling work? Have you looked at someone who seems to have it all together and wished that it could be you? People think about finding happiness and fulfillment all the time, yet only a small number of them actually do. Why is that, do you think? Fact is, you have the same power for success in you. Are you using it?

Someone is going to start a business. Someone is going to follow their bliss. Someone is going to start the journey to deep fulfillment. So why not let it be you?

Today, around the globe, someone is embracing the challenge of starting something new. Someone is shaking off their limiting beliefs to align with something better.  Someone is choosing to share more love with their family. Someone is scheduling meaningful time with friends. How about you? The power to change for the better is in you as well!

Someone is going back to school to improve their life. Someone is becoming a life-long learner. Someone is reading an inspiring book or listening to a lecture every week for the next year. Why not let it be you? You have the power for success in you – why not use it?

Right now, someone is noticing that they need to lose a little weight and they’re choosing to become healthy. Someone is training for their first marathon. Someone is joining a yoga or Pilates class improve their health. How about you?

I think by now you get the point: Everyday, everywhere, people are improving their lives. Whether you approve or not doesn’t matter to those who do. They are doing it, regardless. It is simply a choice they made. The power for success is in you, so why not let that person be you?

How to do it is simple, really. There are only three action steps involved.

Commit to honor the power in you.

This is the first and most important step to improving your life. Do you wish to improve or stay the same? What you’ve achieved in the past is fine, but it doesn’t give you a free ride into the future. The decision about who you will become is made now, today and every day. Every day, you can commit to grow and thrive. You have the power in you to change.

Make a plan.

Once you’ve decided to improve your life, you need a plan with practical action steps. It can be simple: Start to meditate each day. Walk a mile a day. Read an article a day. You just need a simple plan with achievable goals. Today, you can take action toward a better life; you can develop a plan to take you into the future of your dreams.

Take action.

Even the greatest ideas, without action, become stale and useless. Action is the key that turns dreams into reality. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. People who act on their dreams and ideas are a select few, but they reap the rich rewards of building a life they love. You have the power in you to do this!

Perhaps you’ve been looking at others who live the good life, wishing that you could as well. Well, no more! Commit to your unique life, your abilities and your potential; develop a plan and act on it. You can do this!

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