Do you love the life you are creating? If not, don’t despair! By consciously working with the cycle of creation, you can boost your creative potential at every level. As a spiritual being, you are gifted with the ability to co-create your reality. You’ll create your desired outcomes more effectively when you align your efforts with the cycles of creation.

Cycles of Creation

Everything in nature operates on cycles: there is the cycle of the new moon waxing to full moon and waning again, the cycle of high and low tides in the ocean, the cycle of changing seasons, the cycle of night and day, to name a few. In shamanic cultures, this is referred to as the in-breath and the out-breath of Creation.

The out-breath of Creation generates a tremendous flow of Life Force energy to generate, inspire and vitalize. The Divine in-breath can be likened to the contraction or ebbing of energy as it returns to its source. It is during the pause between the out-breath and the in-breath that the as-yet unmanifest becomes manifest: this is the most critical phase of creation to focus on.

The cycle of creation consists of three sources of inspiration: Being – the realm of Spirit; Doing – the realm of intellect; and Having – the realm of physical materialization. It also consists of three phases: Phase one deals with the FLOW from inspiration to conscious choice, phase two deals with appropriate ACTION to manifest or create, and phase three deals with the EBB of the creative cycle by releasing or returning to Source.


It All Starts With Being

As you can see from the diagram, the creative process starts with a spark of inspiration emanating from Spirit – the place of BEING where unmanifest potential exists before becoming observable as manifest matter. When you consciously connect to the Source of life, you gain access to those sparks of inspiration. It may come in the form of a thought, a dream or an inspiration; it could entail ideas about issues you have been mulling on. A good example would be some insight about how to streamline business operations for increased effectiveness, or a dream about a new direction for your life.

Flowing From Being to Doing

Dreams of possibilities always inspire. Whatever the dream you first conceive of, it will be energized by some form of inspiration. This phase in the cycle of creation can be very exciting as you start exploring new concepts mentally, brainstorming about how best to bring it about.

During this initial phase of Flow, you may find yourself drawn to people or circumstances that help clarify your thoughts. Abundant enthusiasm and energy flows from Spirit into your awareness. As you become aware of this energy of pure possibilities, you step it down into coherent concepts and start planning how to DO, implement or bring about the idea.

Taking Action

Once you have a possible plan of action established, you can move into the second phase of Action. Here, your focus shifts from mental ideation into physical doing to accomplish the desired outcome. This is the phase when the rubber hits the road and you learn whether your intended plans are feasible. Many obstacles may surface during the implementation process; you may need to revisit your spiritual inspiration and mental vision every time to find an appropriate way forward.

Getting to Results

When all obstacles have been resolved sufficiently and all the critical pieces come together, your efforts are rewarded with the desired outcome manifesting in physical reality, where you can HAVE and enjoy the results of your efforts. Reaching your goals can be very exhilarating, yet this euphoria soon leads to a sense of incompletion. It can lead to a sense of let-down as dopamine levels return to normal. Many great athletes and performers report feeling a nagging sense of emptiness after accomplishing a major goal.

At a spiritual level, post-accomplishment emptiness is a reminder that the cycle of creation is a continuous feedback loop. Creation is an energy-intensive process; you need to complete the feedback loop by returning your attention to Source. By reconnecting, this ebbing energy can be energized or re-sourced for your next cycle of creation.

Flowing Back to Source

Sometimes, the temptation after reaching a goal is to not return to Source for rejuvenation and inspiration, but to lean back in the success of your accomplishments. When you do that, you run the risk of losing your connection to Divine inspiration. By not returning to Spirit for resourcing, you may not have the energy, inspiration or strength to face the next challenge that comes along.

Getting Stuck in Doing

Another pitfall is to keep running without re-sourcing, repeating what worked the last time around in the hopes of continuing your success without new inspiration. This phenomenon often happens in the movie business – remember the success of Rocky 1, followed by the dwindling fortunes of Rocky 2, 3 and 4?

By blindly repeating the recipe of previous success, you may neglect closing the feedback loop back to Source for renewal and inspiration. Instead, you backtrack against the creative flow, taking a shortcut back to doing without true inspiration to energize the process.

The second time around may turn out very different, however. Environmental conditions may not be as before because energy is dynamic and never stays the same. As a result, you run the risk of getting stuck in doing the same things without getting the desired results. While jumping back and forth between the worlds of Mind and Matter, you’ll continue to lose creative energy because of not reconnecting to Source for sufficient refueling and inspiration before starting the new cycle of creation.

Reconnecting to Regroup

Here’s good news: it’s never too late to reconnect! You do not have to wait until you’re stuck before connecting back to Source: you can do it any time you run low on inspiration or energy!

Perhaps you rushed ahead on the adrenaline of the previous success and got involved in a new venture without consciously pausing to reconnect. As obstacles start to surface, you may find yourself running out of steam and become overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. When you feel these emotions surfacing, it is an indication that you need more creative inspiration, wisdom and resources. Simply reconnect to Source from wherever you are along the cycle of creation.

The act of reconnecting moves the ego out of the way and allows its self-imposing demands to subside. With the demands of ego out of the way, you’ll be able to regroup and gain a Higher perspective on issues.

Continuous Surrender

When you reconnect to Source, you’re able to surrender obstacles, re-energize your creative juices and tap into Divine wisdom. As you bring that energy down through the Flow phase of creation into the Action phase again, you will be amazed at how your renewed vision and inspiration support you in moving forward.

When I first started doing this, I was so delighted at the results that I started surrendering every obstacle I encounter in moving forward. I found that it alleviates anxiety and greatly assists my visionary ability. It also re-energizes me and helps me tap into Higher wisdom to address issues from that perspective.

The Impact of Others’ Free Will

You may find that you run into multiple snags along the cycle of creation, especially along the Action continuum. This is not necessarily because you failed at doing the right things – it could simply be because many factors contributing to the situation have shifted. Each player has free choice and their actions influence the way the game plays out at your end. When you run into obstacles, simply reconnect to Source and surrender the obstacles to your Higher Power, asking for higher wisdom and inspiration. You will be amazed at the results!

Holding on Loosely

By holding on to your goals loosely and staying in a state of constant surrender to Divine will, it is much easier to let go of larger expectations and outcomes. You may also find it easier to ebb and flow with the process of creation when you practice on-going surrender of outcomes and stay in the present moment.

Here’s to wishing you well throughout the cycle of creation toward realizing your dreams!

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