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One of the greatest spiritual laws contained within the Law of One is The Law of Blessing.

The concept of blessing is found in all spiritual traditions and can be invoked in many ways. Throughout time, humans have asked for and given blessings. To be blessed by someone is like receiving an immense gift of love.

As spiritual beings, we have the power to bless Mother Earth, all living creatures and all living things, including our food and water. Research has shown that blessing our food and water raises the Life Force energy contained in it, so it acts as a blessing for our physical bodies when we partake of it.

We can only truly bless another when our hearts and souls are filled with love; when we act in unison with All That Is, and our hearts and souls spontaneously overflow with unconditional love.

Author Diana Cooper described it this way in her book, A Little Light on Spiritual Laws: “When you bless someone you are invoking Divine energy to touch them. When this is done with genuine intent, a shaft of Divine Light is transferred into the person you are blessing!”  

And yet, we seem to have forgotten the power of blessing in our lives. We even neglect to bless others, sharing the cosmic flame of Divine love from our hearts with them.

Why do we ignore this precious gift?

I believe we forget about the beautiful gift of blessing whenever we take life for granted – when we ignore the sheer magic of being alive, and allow the drudgery of daily problems to wear us down.

To rekindle the power of blessing in our lives, we need to fall in love with being alive again. We need to let down our guards, open to new experiences with vulnerable hearts and let go of the habitual concerns that weigh us down.

Every morning when we wake up, we are offered an open invitation to fall in love with life, no matter what else may be happening in our lives.

Despite the divisiveness and polarization in our world, I see opportunities for humanity to rise to the challenges of this time and turn them into blessings.

We can adapt to uncertainty by leaning into Spirit, listening deeply, respecting the experiences of others that are different than our own, and accepting the Divine sovereignty of everyone to follow their own path.

We can rise above the triangulation drama of getting stuck in feeling victimized, playing rescuer or passing judgment over others.

We can spend more time in activities and environments that feed our souls and nourish the sense of wonder and reverence in our hearts. And we can return to the blessing way: blessing ourselves, others and all of life around us, thereby fulfilling our higher calling by being instruments of peace and blessing in the world.

Outer conditions that crowd in on our inner harmony actually offer us opportunities to more deeply connect to our Source, our truth and others. Each connection allows us to relax and to flow with life in a state of inner harmony, becoming the very change we wish to see in the outer world.

When we fall in love with our Source, our hearts fill to overflowing with joy, well-being and love. From there, the waters of Life within us can flow forth as blessing into the world.

When we bless our lives and the lives of others, joy, abundance and well-being follows.

Try blessing your plants and garden – then notice how everything grows more abundantly.

Bless your body so it can transform into a sacred temple for your soul.

And when you feel a bit low, request Divine blessing by opening your heart and receiving Divine blessings pouring into you. Let Divine blessing fill you with the frequencies and vibrations of love beyond words. Welcome the precious gift of Divine blessing in this life, so you can be a blessing to all of life.

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