“We sometimes feel that what we do
is just a drop in the ocean, but the
ocean would be less because of that
missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

One of the reasons we get intimidated by the process of living, is that we think our part is not grand enough.

After all, the movers and shakers featured in the media are usually pretty big and powerful. We hear about philanthropists such as Bill Gates who spends millions to find a cure for malaria, or larger-than-life personalities like Oprah who has touched the lives of millions more with her media empire.

When we compare our small beginnings and meager efforts to these icons, we may feel so insignificant that we give up. We cringe as the inner critic whispers, ‘Who are you to think that you can change things out there when you haven’t even mastered your own health, or finances, or relationships?’

We compare our own weaknesses to the strengths of others and when it feels too overwhelming, we give up. And so we forget that we are an integral part of a larger whole; a precious drop in the ocean of life. Yet when we give up on our dreams, the whole world misses out!

We think that we have to be big, powerful or perfect before we can make a difference. And so we disqualify ourselves before we even start.

Here’s an important truth to remember: you do not have to be big, powerful or perfect to make a difference in the world – you simply have to be willing!

It has been said that when you argue for limitations, you make them yours. While we focus on our own limitations, we miss a crucial point: those individuals make a difference in the world despite their own weaknesses. Their lives are not perfect; yet they have made a commitment to argue for their potential and not for their liabilities!

And while critics like to point out their weaknesses, these brave souls make a meaningful contribution to the world because they choose to focus on what they can do despite these limitations.

Andrea Bocelli became one of the finest vocalists of our time despite the fact that he is blind. Mother Teresa founded an order that ministers to the sick and dying worldwide despite the fact that she never had a university education. Nelson Mandela became the leader of a nation, guiding millions away from racist politics and toward equality, despite the fact that he had become estranged from his wife after he’d spent 26 years in prison.

People like these made – and continue to make – a huge difference in the world. Their contributions to society are like precious drops of water that raises the level of the ocean for everyone. And they made a difference despite their personal weaknesses, limitations or liabilities!

As humans, we are all interconnected in the field of consciousness. We are affected by the struggles of others; we are also uplifted by their greatness. Each of us has the potential to either uplift or to detract from life. Every day, life offers us the opportunity to reach deep within and to add our share like a precious drop to the ocean of human consciousness so everyone can be uplifted by it.

No matter how insignificant your contribution may seem, you can make a difference. Life does not require you to become rich, or perfect, or famous in order to make a difference. It simply requires you to start.

Start with small steps you can take day by day. What is your heart calling you to do? Which one person can you reach out to today? What small step can you take to contribute your drop to the ocean of life right now?

Recognize the small ways in which you can make a difference. Feel the fear and self-doubt, and then take that step to contribute anyway!

That’s how greatness is born: knowing that you can make a meaningful difference even when there are other areas of your life that are still in process. Look past your limitations and act from your potential. The world is awaiting your gifts!

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